I have worked with Kyle Porter from Paradise Audio for several years.  He gets my first call every time when it comes to Audio needs. 

Steve Schuman

North Valley Productions & www.chicotickets.com

The Rendezvous

Kyle Porter and Paradise Audio have always done excellent work for us, responsive, efficient and professional... and he has is pleasure to work with. 

He is one of the best engineers I have worked with in 15 years of producing the Festival.

Brad Tisdale

Artistic Director

Sisters Folk Festival, OR

"I have hired Paradise Audio Services to operate the sound for several concerts around northern California and am completely satisfied with Kyle's work.  He has a special ability to keep the sound levels and quality perfect for any venue, which results in the band playing at a level that pleases them and audiences that enjoy performances with perfect sound' 
John Zurflueh
​Starbright Entertainment

If you want someone that pays attention to detail, has a great ear, and works tirelessly to get the job done then hire Kyle Porter and Paradise Audio. Kyle has done sound for KZFR at both large and small events and has always done a great job. Stop looking you've found the right place.
Rick Anderson

General Manager

KZFR Community Radio Chico CA

I highly recommend Kyle Porter and Paradise Audio.  Kyle's attention to detail, excellent "sound engineer ears", commitment to providing a quality sound experience for the whole audience, and his genuine caring personality, has been a key to making the California WorldFest such a rich musical experience.  We place our trust in Kyle and he always comes through....we are lucky to work with him.

Dan DeWayne

Director-California WorldFest​

Audio Equipment Rentals

Paradise Audio Services has the right audio gear for your event.  If you need just a wireless microphone, a few speakers on poles or a whole concert system, we have the rental for you.  We will deliver equipment to your venue, set it up and sound check it for you.  You can pick the gear up and drop it off yourself if you prefer.  If you rent a whole concert system we will provide experienced engineers and technicians to run your show.  We do events of all sizes.  DJ equipment for a party a wedding or a presentation.  Wireless systems and engineering for musicals and plays.  Full PA systems for music halls, clubs and house concerts.  We have the equipment and expertise to make your event sound wonderful.  Check out our Equipment List and call or email us for a quote.      

Audio Engineering Services

     Do you need a qualified and experienced engineer to mix your show or monitors?  I have over 20 years of experience working with all levels of artists and equipment.  I am punctual and professional.  If you are a sound company providing services, a venue with a house system, or an artist doing a show or tour, I will provide you with top quality engineering service.  From load in, to sound check, to show and load out I will be organized, efficient and accurate with all aspects of your event.

     If you need a professional to help you with your audio system, venue, or sound,  I am happy to consult with you about your audio needs.  Please feel free to pick my brain about your particular situation.  There is a good chance I have some experience with your type of system.  From recording, editing, microphone choice to speaker, amplifier setup to signal flow.  I can present you with my 20 plus years of experience in the field.  Give me a call about it, let's talk.

Mobile Live Recording Services

     I have been recording live music for 30 years and have been an archivist, collector and producer since 1984.  I specialize in live performance recording.  I work with many music festivals to produce live radio simulcasts and recordings.  I currently work with KZFR and KVMR in Northern California to produce their live broadcasts from show rooms to outdoor venues.  In addition, I provide live audio mixes for most Banana Grape Stomp video programing on PBS in Northern California as well as Southern Oregon.

 I have been Recording, Editing, Mastering and Producing commercial CDs since 1995. My Recording Label "Campfire Productions" has produced over 20,000 CDs of camp songs for summer camps. I also have produced and helped with many live CD releases. From package layout to manufacturing I have done it. 

     If you need to make a 2 track recording of your performance or a multi track recording of up to 48 tracks I can help you.  I use nice vintage tube microphones to add ambience to your recording.  I can also put nice mics on stage to capture the bands sound from the stage to mix with the clean soundboard mix.  I am very affordable and create clean, accurate recordings of your performance.


Audio Transfers and Mastering

     Do you have old recordings on Reel to Reel Tapes, Cassette Tapes or DAT Tapes that you would like to preserve?  Look no further, Paradise Audio Services uses the best audio editing and mastering software available.  With Adobe's Audition and Izotope's Ozone 5 I can clean up and optimize your recordings to the very highest modern digital standards.


  ​ kpotterman@gmail.com   

14326 Nimshew Rd.  Magalia, CA 95954